Wednesday, May 1, 2013

FreshWall Indoor Vertical Garden Purifies the Air While Growing Plants and Fresh Veggies

FreshWall is a vertical garden that redefines indoor agriculture while maximizing the air purification ability of plants. The innovative green wall combines high-end technology with Scandinavian design aesthetics to encourage a green and healthy lifestyle.

It is an affordable, automated green wall for the urban dwellers, which does not take too much of the floor space. FreshWall brings vertical gardening indoors and requires minimal maintenance. All you need to do is to put the plants into the pot, plug it to your FreshWall and add water to the reservoir. Plug in the cord and the FreshWall takes care of the rest.

Moreover, each plant in FreshWall purifies air as well as 100 normal plants. FreshWall combines the best of hydroponics and aeroponics to help you grow plants throughout the year. The integrated watering system delivers the right amount of water and nutrients to all the plants. As the air circulates through the plants root systems, plants grow healthier and faster. Currently the product is mainly for business use, but the team just launched an Indiegogo campaign with the goal of making it available to everyone.

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