Monday, July 23, 2012

London Double-Decker Bus doing Push Ups for Olympics - Video

A Czech artist has re-modelled a traditional London double-decker bus into a mechanical sculpture of an athlete doing push-ups to celebrate the Olympic Games opening in the British capital on Friday. David Cerny, whose past works have enraged European politicians and sought to poke fun at rival artists, has installed the bus outside the Czech Olympic House in London's Islington neighbourhood. Cerny bought the 1957 bus from an owner in the Netherlands, attached two huge arms, an electrical engine and a lot of wiring and suspension tools to make it into a piece of art named "London Boosted".

Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Egyptian TV Channel operated exclusively by veiled women - Video

A new satellite TV channel is being launched in Egypt, but unlike other channels the female presenters will all be wearing the niqab, the traditional Muslim face-covering. The TV channel is called Maraya after one of the prophet Mohammad's wives who was a freed Egyptian Coptic slave and is set to start broadcasting on 20 July, coinciding with the start of Ramadan - the Islamic month of fasting. The programme aims to teach Muslim women more about religion.